Mystery men shoot up Vreed-en-Hoop home

– after asking for ‘Naresh’

Two brothers got the scare of their lives when gunmen shot up their house at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop early yesterday morning.

The glass door was shattered and bullets pierced the windows and walls, Shivnauth Ramroop said. He said about five shots were fired in the 2.30 am incident. No one was injured. Ramroop and his brother were the only ones at home at the time.

Speaking with Stabroek News, Ramroop recalled that shortly after midnight, he was in his room when he heard the scraping sound of the chain used to secure the gate; as though someone was opening the gate. He said he went out to the verandah and saw a man at the gate while another in a black cap was approaching the outside stairs. He said he asked the man what he was there about and the man asked whether someone named ‘Naresh’ was living there.

Ramroop said he knew of no relative named Naresh and he responded in the negative and asked the man whether he had directions to where Naresh lived. He said the man told his companion that maybe that was the wrong house and they said they would check further up the street.
Ramroop said the men then left and he went outside and watched as they passed a Toyota Marino car parked several houses away. He said the driver, who was with the men, came out of the car.

Ramroop then went back to the verandah and watched. About 25 minutes later, he said, he saw the car approaching. It slowed as it passed his house and then sped off.

The car repeated this several times, passing up and down. “I start getting suspicious and I nervous now,” said Ramroop. He said he woke up his brother and informed him of what was happening. When the car passed for the eighth time, Ramroop said, he was inside the house but watching from behind the curtain. “As soon as I go to the door all that I hear is a crash on the glass door and I suspect that the men firing shots,” he said.

Ramroop recalled telling his brother that they had to flee. He jumped over several fences cutting his feet in the process as he rushed to other relatives who lived nearby. His brother found refuge at another neighbour.  The shooters had gone in an eastern direction. The bullets shattered the glass door and some pierced the walls and windows.

Ramroop said he could not say why the men shot at the house. He said that he knew of no relative named Naresh. “We don’t have no Naresh here and I never saw these guys before,” he said. He said that the incident has scared them. “I don’t know what they come for, if they coming back again,” he said.

The matter was reported to the Vreed-en-Hoop police station. Ranks who went to the scene recovered a spent shell. Investiga-tions are ongoing.

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