Joint opposition adopts terms of reference for working group

The Joint Opposition Politi-cal Parties (JOPP) recently adopted the terms of reference of the working group to advance the work of the coalition ahead of general and regional elections.

The working group will propose a method for electing the presidential and prime ministerial candidates for the coalition that includes consideration of candidates selected by participating political parties and candidates nominated by special-interest or other groups.

It said too that suggestions should be made on a process for soliciting the views of the greatest possible number of citizens about candidates best suited to serve as president and prime minister, bearing in mind the requirement that the holders of these offices, “must at all times respect, represent and serve the interest of all Guyanese.”

PNCR presidential nominee David Granger has already plugged his readiness to lead, saying members of the JOPP would need to outline the conditions, which could result in him surrendering the presidential candidate’s position.

Stabroek News was told that the group will consider the criteria for membership of the coalition, including the desirability for citizens who may be members of political parties, special interest or other groups to function in their personal capacities.

They will also prepare a framework for outlining strategic and other options for a coherent economic and social programme for consideration and implementation by a government of national unity, and will deliberate on the desirable qualities, functions and responsibilities for holders of the office of president, as head of state, and the prime minister, as head of government.

Further, the group will refine the Statement of Principles and suggest policies and practices to guide the work and efforts of the coalition and its members. Members of the working group will submit their recommendations for the consideration, modification and approval upon completion of the tasks.

Nominations were submitted at the recent meeting from the parties for membership of the working group and according to informed sources, as soon as the nominations are ratified by the JOPP, the names will be released to the public.

Members of the JOPP include the Peoples’ National Congress Reform, the Working People’s Alliance, the Guyana Action Party and the National Front Alliance. Recently, Peter Ramsaroop and his People’s Partnership joined the talks.

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