Bookland opens new chapter of reading drive

The Georgetown Reading and Research Centre (GRRC) yesterday opened its biggest book sale at Bookland, its new and permanent location.

According to Rupert Hopkinson, Director of GRRC, more than 200,000 books are on sale at the new location on Woolford Avenue.

These North Georgetown Primary School pupils seem to have found a few books of interest at the launch of Bookland on Woolford Avenue yesterday.

He said Bookland will become an arena to help promote and increase literacy, as it is situated in the heart of a school zone. In addition, he said, Bookland will also be providing support services to Critchlow Labour College, which is in the same compound as the outdoor library.

The director said Bookland and GRRC came about as a result of his visiting the United States and being able to walk into any public library, only being asked his name and where he came from, and then being able to read books, without hassle. He said this is what he wants here in Guyana and now, “people will literally be able to walk off the streets and come into Bookland, say hello to us, read a book or books, and walk back out, no questions asked.”

On display at the launch were books of different fiction genres, some by authors such as Mary Higgins Clark, VC Andrews, Deborah Gregory, Danielle Steel and John Grisham. Prominent in the non-fiction section was Bill Clinton’s famous biography My Life.

Among the activities the GRRC has listed for this year is a three-day event, which will take place during Easter. On April 23, there will be a grand book fair under the Bookland Gazebo; on April 24, Guyana’s first Cook-up Competition; and on Easter Monday, a fun-day at the Bookland Children’s Park.

The GRRC is currently in its 14th year of operation.

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