Efforts being made to operate Berbice Bridge in safe and efficient manner


The management of the Berbice Bridge Company has given the assurance that every effort is being made to maintain its operations in a safe and efficient manner, following the problem with the control system while opening and closing the bridge recently.

In a press release from Chief Executive Officer Omadat Samaroo the management also issued an apology to the affected motorists, passengers and members of the public for the two-hour delay encountered on June 11.

The delay was due mainly to the “unforeseen problem encountered on the control system while opening and closing the bridge” that day.

The engineer and technicians worked assiduously to rectify the problem in the shortest possible time, but problems of this nature require tedious checks of the entire system which can be time consuming, the release explained.

The bridge normally closes daily for one hour and thirty minutes but because of the problem encountered there was a delay of two hours.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience resulting from this delay and wish to assure the general public and all who use the Berbice Bridge that every effort is made to maintain our operations in a safe and efficient manner,” the release concluded.

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