Security escort driver questioned over Wismar power company robbery

The driver of the security bus that was on escort duty on Monday for the Linden Utility Services Coop Society Limited (LUSCSL) was interrogated overnight at the Mackenzie Police Station as police hunt for the two bandits who grabbed $563,000 during a brazen armed robbery Monday afternoon.

At the LUSCSL’s Burnham Drive Office yesterday there were mixed emotions. According to manager Esme Yangapattie most of the workers in the office were relatively calm, while others were traumatized,  including the accountant Jewel Belgrave who was one of the persons who was about to enter the bus when it was robbed. “The security for the evening shift just came on and she is obviously shaken because of what happened yesterday (Monday).”

The management has commenced beefing up security at the facility to avert similar incidents.

Special emphasis would be placed on heightened security for the cashier area while a number of new measures were implemented yesterday relating to daily deposits.

“One of the things that we have instituted is that the Linmine Security has his weapon in his hand and not in his pocket and the bus has to reverse up to the doorway to collect the security and the officer that would be responsible for making the deposits at the bank.”

Police and ranks of the Linmine Secretariat Security Department collaborated throughout Monday night in the search for the robbers but without success. Up to press time no one had been arrested.

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