Cromarty Farm family, neighbour robbed by gunmen

The police say they are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 0230h today during which Nandranie Afhadat, 44 years, along with her husband Premdat Afhadat, 47 years, and son Krishna Afhadat, 23 years, all of Cromarty Farm, Corentyne, were attacked and robbed by three men armed with firearms.

Police say that investigations have revealed that the victims were fishing at the foreshore at Wellington Park, Corentyne, when they were confronted by the perpetrators who took them to their home at Cromarty. There they ransacked the house and took away a quantity of jewellery valued $1.5million.

The armed men also held up their neighbor, Ramesh, and took away his personal jewellery after which they escaped, police said.

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