Former youth footballer killed by arrow at Karasabai

– suspect in custody

A former national youth footballer was shot dead with an arrow, which pierced his back, on Sunday night at Karasabai Village following an argument and the incident has left the football fraternity in Region Nine and Guyana in shock and deep mourning.

Daxton Parks, 28, of St Ignatius, Lethem died almost instantly, Stabroek News was told. The father of three was the coach/player of the Saints Football team, which he had formed in his home community.

Police yesterday said that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the “alleged murder of Daxton Parks” which occurred at about 22:00 hrs. The bow and arrow believed to have been used in the incident have been recovered by the police.

According to a press release, investigations so far have revealed that Parks and another man were involved in an argument during which he was shot with an arrow and later succumbed to his injury.

A team of investigators, led by a senior detective has been dispatched to the area.

Parks’ grief-stricken wife Roseline told Stabroek News via telephone that her husband left their home around 8 am for Karasabai, South Pakaraimas where he had some contracting work lined up. Stabroek News was told that he arrived at his destination about four to five hours later.

Rosaline recalled that as they spoke before he left, Parks was his usual self. “He said that he will be back tomorrow [yesterday]”, she recalled. The woman said it was the police who called her yesterday morning and informed her of the tragedy. She said based on what she had gathered he and the suspect had an argument. The suspect, she said, was intoxicated and her husband, trying to make peace, went back to the place he was staying to rest.

She said he later returned to the area where the argument had taken place.  According to Roseline, the suspect was still misbehaving and her husband spoke to him about his conduct. This apparently angered the man as he went to his home and returned with a bow and arrow and shot Parks in the back. When she spoke with Stabroek News, the body was being transported to Lethem.

The grieving woman said that her husband stopped playing football at the national level years ago because of his construction work. She explained that he built houses for a living.
Stabroek News was told that Parks had been a national youth (under 23) footballer.

Chairman of the Rupununi Football Association Shaun Persaud described him as “an architect of free kicks”, explaining that he could have taken one from any part of the field and scored. Persaud told this newspaper via telephone from Lethem that up to the time of his death, Parks played with the Saints football team which is rated at number two in the region. He said that it was Parks who formed this team and would coach the members. He played in the team as well and according to Persaud he was the oldest player with the youngest being about 17.

“He was giving back to football what he would have gathered as a player. He was an exceptional footballer and was a positive influence to the youths,” Persaud stressed adding that Parks will be missed.

He said that Parks was the type of person who would “tell you as it is”. He said that he and Parks were very close friends and there are plans to have members of the team he founded play a part in his funeral service.

“It is very sad. He was a loveable person. He was just firm in what he did,” Persaud noted. He expressed condolences to the relatives of Parks on behalf of himself, his family, the Rupununi Football Association and the Guyana Football Association.

Parks, this newspaper was told, comes from a family of footballers and skilled athletes. Two of his brothers, Peter and Anthony, currently play football at the national level.

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