Neal and Massy launches security expo

Neal and Massy Service Limited (NMSL) yesterday launched its first ever Electronic Security/Safety Expo at their Ruimveldt Staff facilities.

The Expo was addressed by Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir, who stressed  the need for better security solutions in Guyana, for, according to him, as the standard of living and economy rises there will continue to be an increase in persons who feel it is their right to take what belongs to others.

Nadir thus stressed the need for families and businesses alike to put measures in place so that if there are any breaches of security, the relevant authorities will have some information with which to work.

The Security Monitoring System gadget which can be used by security services to monitor their employees while on the job. It is so designed to keep the guards alert and awake by making it necessary for them to “clock in” at different intervals of their shifts, at different points of the area that they are stationed.

The minister concluded that not only will businesses be able to benefit from the security products NMSL has to offer, but also the government, and as such he commended the company for going into the market with such a venture.

Some of the products offered and which were on display at the expo included the BOSCH Access Easy Control System [a web-based access control solution that provides Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) integration, elevator control and intrusion monitoring, among other sophisticated security features], Super DNR High Resolution Day/Night Cameras, metal detectors, high frequency radios, bullet proof vests, batons, handcuffs, fire detectors and alarm systems, safety equipment and outfits, among other high tech security related products.

One particular product that stood out from the rest was a Security Monitoring System, which comes in the form of a small flashlight-shaped gadget, and which is used by security officers at different intervals of their shifts.  This, a NMSL representative explained will ensure that guards stay on the watch instead of sleeping.

Some of the fire alarms and other fire safety equipment on display at the Electronic Security/Safety Expo at Neal and Massy in Ruimveldt.

It was promised at the launch by one member of the executive body of NMSL that “we will always be on the lookout for the best [that] we can bring to you at the lowest price.”

The NMSL group has been providing Security Solutions for almost two decades now, and over the past five years has added Electronic Security and Safety Products through CCS Guyana and AINLIM, respectively.

A recent press release sent by the company revealed that these companies have been working together to provide integrated solutions to meet customers’ needs and they feel that the time is right to put all the security and safety products and services in one location for viewing by interested persons.

Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir (second from right) takes a look at the BOSCH Access Easy Control System, one of the products being offered by Neal and Massy Services Limited, and which are on display at the two-day expo at their facilities in Ruimveldt.

The expo will run from today [by invitation only] through tomorrow [for public viewing].

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