Mystery explosion damages Sophia house

An explosion of unknown origin yesterday almost destroyed a two-bedroom house at ‘A’ Field Sophia.

Courtney Johnson, owner of the Lot 356 Block X ‘A’ Field Sophia residence, was resting at home when the explosion occurred. “When I look I see fire in the back room and I get confused and run out [the house],” he said.

The taxi driver, who occupies the house with his wife, their daughter and a step-daughter, noted that he had gone home from work sometime around 1:00 pm, and no one else was there at the time.
Johnson’s neighbours also heard the explosion and immediately formed a bucket brigade upon sight of the fire. Their quick actions helped to douse the fire, which destroyed most of the items in the back room that is occupied by Johnson’s step daughter, Elizabeth Dyer. The young woman’s losses included phone cards and money. A fire truck arrived fifteen minutes after the fire began.

Johnson noted that his wife had a bypass system installed at the house, so “I don’t know if that’s the origin of it.” Dyer also had a television set in her room, and Johnson along with others is speculating on whether that could have exploded.

The man’s wife is currently out of the country and up to when Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday afternoon, Johnson was yet to succeed in making contact with his step daughter, who he believed went out with his daughter. He related that the three of them might have to stay in the internet cafe that they have, which is situated to the front of the yard. He estimated the losses at an estimated $5M.

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