Exercise caution on the roadways

-Road Safety Council

The Guyana National Road Safety Council is appealing to all road users to be more responsible when using the roadways.

The group also cautions pedestrians and cyclists about their “carefree and sloppy attitudes” on the roadways and urges them to adhere to the road safety and traffic laws to make the streets safer.

In a press release, the Council said it is alarmed at the significant increase in road accidents occurring across the country, even in rural areas such as regions Five and Six in Berbice.

It said the current “habitual blunders” by many drivers such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and disregarding the traffic laws are major contributing factors to road accidents, which result in the loss of lives, injuries that result in serious disabilities and adversely affect the economy.

The Council said the reduction of road accidents can only be achieved if every road user adheres to the set traffic laws and are vigilant on the roadways.

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