Limited space to blame for bed-sharing at Georgetown Hospital

beds at the Georgetown Public Hospital  (GPHC) as a result of the limited space available.

“If the number of admitted patients exceeds the number of beds on the ward, patients will be asked to share facilities,” the GPHC said in a statement yesterday, in response to recent articles in the press about the situation.

It explained that with the condemning of the old surgical block at the GPHC, there was need for the construction of temporary wards to house patients. Further, it noted that until the new in-patient facility is officially handed over to the GPHC, those temporary wards would continue to house patients.

According to the GPHC, there are plans for the remodeling of the Obstetrics and Gynaecological Department to accommodate at least 16 more beds in the pre- and post-natal wards, which it said would “hopefully alleviate” the bed-sharing situation.

“The hospital’s policy is never to refuse admission of any patient,” it said, while noting that, on average, close to 60 patients have been admitted daily for this year. It added that the situation of patients abandoned in wards has also compounded the problem. “The majority of these patients oftentimes do not meet the criteria for transfer to the Palms or the Night Shelter, so the hospital has no choice but to keep them warded as lodgers,” it said.

The GPHC emphasised that management is aware of the issue of bed-sharing and assures all that it is a shared concern. “It is not a matter of turning a blind eye and/or ignoring the problem; however, in some instances discomfort is faced before an ideally comfortable situation is created. It, however, takes time and resources, both of which are being expended by management to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients,” it added.

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