Repping for the ladies, Eve promises to deliver the goods

US recording artist and ac-tress Eve yesterday promised to deliver the goods at the Jamzone Summer Break 2011 International Night at the Providence Stadium tonight.

“It seems as though it’s gonna be a great event and I like to have fun so it’s gonna be good,” Eve told a press conference at the Princess Hotel Board Room. She is headlining the event alongside R&B phenom Trey Songz.

When the question of bringing out the men to this event arose, Eve proudly noted that she has been and always will be representing for the ladies, no matter where she goes. “I rep for the ladies, the strong, independent women, so I can’t bring the dudes out,” she said.

Eve said the patrons can expect a lot of her older music as well as new music that she has been working on. “I definitely gotta do the old stuff and some new stuff as well. I’ve been recording a while now, and I wanna test some of my new stuff here,” she added.

In getting persons a little more familiar with who she is as a person, Eve related that she loves to read, watch movies and to eat. “I love to eat, so I go to a lot of restaurants and stuff,” she said, adding that she was looking forward to the Guyanese cuisine. “The first thing I asked my driver once I got here was for traditional Guyanese food,” she said. The singer said she does have a few Guyanese friends and already knows that they are nice people.

The artiste also shared her views on domestic violence, an issue that affects the lives of many in all parts of the world. She said she wrote a song reflecting how she felt when she was 17, which spoke of the tribulations her best friend was facing at the time with her “baby daddy.” “Any man who raised his hand on a woman is a true coward,” she said, while also acknowledging that there are some men who were experiencing abuse from their partners. “I pray that these persons get out of these relationships,” she said.

The artiste also shared some advice to persons who may want to pursue a career in music. “Always believe in yourself, always pray and always stay true to who you are,” she said.

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