Miner drowns at False Creek

A 25-year-old miner died by drowning on Friday afternoon while working in a mining pit at False Creek backdam near Port Kaituma in the North West District.

Dead is Kirk Hinds, also known as Alpha Hinds, a father of one who resided at South Georgetown and Port Kaituma.

According to reports, the young man  was working in the pit around midday on Friday  at False Creek, which is located some two hours by road  from Central Port Kaituma, when he was discovered missing by his workmates.

Kirk Hinds

The young man’s aunt told Stabroek News by phone from the hinterland community yesterday that Hinds recently travelled into the mining community to work with a dredge owner at False Creek. She said that the man previously worked with his mother who owns a mining operation in the White Creek mining area, also located in Region One.

The woman said that Hinds’ workmates related that they were all in the mining pit on Friday when they decided to take a break for lunch. She said that Hinds left the group and told one of his workmates that he would join them shortly.

She said that around 1 pm on Friday, after he did not return to the mining camp, the man’s colleagues decided to search for him and several checks were made at various areas around the mining claim for him, but to no avail. She said that the man’s friends made checks with an excavator operator near the mining pit, since she noted that Hinds operated the machine but this, too, proved futile.

She said the men then returned to the mining pit, and around 3 pm, his workmates saw what appeared to be Hinds’ hat floating in the water.   Two of the men then jumped into the mining pit but after searching for close to half an hour, they could not find him.

She said that one of the man’s friends whom he took to the mining area from the city to work with him, decided to make  another search in the pit, “and he said he run out the pit after he feel a hand and a foot in the corner”. She said that to their horror, the lifeless body of Hinds was at the side of the mining pit and he was subsequently hauled out.

His body was taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital mortuary and a report was also made to the police located in the mining community.

According to the man’s aunt, the police have noted that Hinds’ death appeared to be accidental but the family has not ruled out foul play since she noted that a visible mark was seen on his neck.

The man’s body was brought out of the mining area yesterday and a post- mortem examination is expected to be performed today.

Hinds leaves to mourn his parents and siblings, his daughter and his wife who is 8 months pregnant.

His body is at the Lykens Funeral Parlour in the city and he is expected to be buried later this week.

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