GPL holds African cultural extravaganza

The Guyana Power and Light Ltd on Friday held its cultural extravaganza, under the theme ‘International Year of People of African Descent‘ at the Umana Yana.

The presentation commenced with a one hour libation ceremony in remembrance of the contribution and efforts made by our foreparents in Guyana.

Brother Andrews who conducted the ceremony stated that libation signifies a drink offering to the dead and that Guyanese should not be ashamed of their heritage and where they came from.

Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharat Dindyal, stated that GPL was proud to play its part in recognizing the contributions made by the African descendants. He added that while the circumstances endured by our ancestors were unimaginable, as a nation Guyanese should be proud to remember that in spite of all these difficulties  they kept their dignity.

Also present was Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Frank Anthony, who in his remarks stated that over the years GPL had been partnering the Ministry in relation to various cultural events. He added that he hoped this would continue, making it a tradition. He said, “Since last year we have embarked on these activities and are glad that we are seeing the[m] unfold”

In his call, he encouraged the people of Guyana to work together so that they could continue to build on what their ancestors had started. “If we don’t make a conscious effort of teaching and passing it on to our children,“ he said, “if we lose these cultures therefore we are losing our identity of where we came from.”

During the second half of the event there were cultural dances reflecting the African heritage. In addition there were folk songs, an exhibition of craft, the displaying of African attire by the GPL staff, drama, drumming and poetry renditions of “We are free.”

After the ceremony, the audiences were treated to the taste of flavourful traditional African cuisine.

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