Accused in diesel theft remanded

Jomo Marks, who accused of stealing 20 gallons of diesel, was yesterday remanded to prison by Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The allegation against Marks, who give his address as 122 ‘B’ Field, Sophia, is that on August 25, at Waterloo Street, Georgetown, he stole the diesel fuel, valued $20,000 and property of Sam Lall.

Marks, 38, had initially pleaded guilty to the simple larceny charge when it was read to him, but when given a chance to address the court, he declared, “I is ah innocent man stand-up in this court.” The Magistrate then immediately stopped the accused from explaining further and entered a not guilty plea for him.

The prosecution’s case is that on the day in question, Marks was seen extracting the fuel from a truck, and filtering it into five gallon bottles that he later carted off. Police Sergeant Lionel Harvey, who related the prosecution’s case to the court, said that the defendant was seen in the act by a security guard, who was at the time carrying out duties at his place of work.

Harvey told the court that after seeing the defendant removing what appeared to have been diesel from the truck and placing it into yellow five gallon plastic bottles, the guard followed Marks, whom he saw taking the item into a nearby yard. A report was subsequently made to the Brickdam Police Station, after which the accused was arrested and charged.

Harvey objected to the accused being granted his pre-trial liberty, while noting that he had no fixed placed of abode. According to Harvey, the accused is known for being around the environs of the Stabroek Market square “twenty-four/seven.”

Marks acknowledged this claim, while explaining that he works around the area. After listening to these particulars, the court granted the prosecution’s request and Marks was remanded to prison. The case was subsequently transferred to Court One for September 29.

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