No move to fix Golden Grove school

– protest shifts to OP

Parents and students of the Golden Grove Secondary School, aggrieved at the failure by authorities to address the deplorable conditions at the school, are today taking their protest in front of Office of the President.

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) President David Gentle said they hoped the protest will result in much needed relief at the dilapidated East Coast Demerara school.

In a telephone interview, Gentle expressed disbelief and disappointment that the regional council officials made no effort to begin repairing the school during the weekend.

“They promised that they would fix the school over the weekend and up to today nothing. We are currently preparing a letter to take to Office of the President asking the President to get involved because our children are hurting” he said.

“This isn’t right if it was at any other school repairs would have been done long time; seems like Golden Grove is forgotten.”
On September 5, the first day of the new school term, parents and students mounted a protest against the shoddy conditions of the school. They cited lack of furniture, poor infrastructure and lack of potable water supply as the reason for their protest.

They had met regional officials last Thursday and crafted an  action plan to close the school on Friday to allow for repairs that would have been carried out during the course of the weekend.

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