Man found not guilty of raping 12-yr-old girl eight years ago

A man, who was on trial in the High Court for the rape of a 12-year-old girl eight years ago, was yesterday freed after he was found not guilty by a mixed Demerara Assizes jury.

Carl Alleyne Wren was on trial before Justice Winston Patterson for the offence of having carnal knowledge of a 12-year-old girl between October 1 -31, 2003; carnal knowledge of the said girl between November 1 – 30, 2003 and carnal knowledge of the said female between February 1 and 29, 2004.

During the week-long trial, five witnesses were called to testify, including the now 20-year-old virtual complainant who told the jury that the accused is a relative’s reputed husband and they lived nearby.

The woman said she had never told anyone because she was embarrassed and scared. In February, 2004, she finally confided in a male cousin, but instead of offering assistance, the court was told, the cousin raped her as well. That individual is currently before the court on a charge of carnal knowledge as well.

Among the witnesses who testified was Dr Mohan Persaud who explained his findings as stated on the medical certificate he had issued following his examination of the VC. He explained that her hymen was not intact.

Corporal Johann Henry also testified that following the report made by the VC, Wren could not be found for two months and efforts to contact him proved futile.

Wren, who was represented by Adrian Thompson, took to the witness stand and gave sworn evidence that he never had sexual intercourse with the VC.

He said that he worked seven days a week and was rarely at home even during the night.
In addition, Wren stated that his reputed wife, during the relevant period, had given birth by caesarean section and was ill and at home, therefore the allegations of the VC could not be true. Wren opined that the VC had accused him because of numerous problems the family had with him, mostly over money.

After deliberating for less than three hours, the jury returned their unanimous verdict of not guilty on all three counts, which caused the VC and her relatives to gasp in shock.

The VC then began crying while her mother looked up and said, “God is in charge but there is no justice.”
Justice Patterson, in discharging Wren told him that he had to live with his conscience if anything did happen. He also said that the evidence was clear that the VC had been defiled but he was sure the jury had considered all the circumstances and aspects of the matter before reaching their decision.

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