Three held after hit and run at Annandale; victim unconscious

A 40-year-old woman is nursing serious injuries after she was on Wednesday struck down by a speeding motor car while standing on the roadway at Annandale, East Coast Demerara. Three men including the driver of the car are in police custody assisting with investigations.

Oma Devi Persaud of Lot 59 Annandale West is a patient of the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital in an unconscious state and is slated to undergo two surgeries. The impact flung the woman into the air and she landed in a nearby drain. There were suspicions that she may have sustained head injuries but a CAT scan done a few hours after the incident revealed none.

After the accident the driver fled the scene but quick work by police who acted on information from the public resulted in his arrest. Police also arrested the owner of the car and someone from a body repair ship where the car had been taken and repaired. Up to late yesterday afternoon, the men were still being questioned by police.

Worried relatives were gathered outside the ICU awaiting word from medical officials on Persaud’s condition.
Her mother Khemrajie said the incident occurred some time after 9 am as Persaud was awaiting transportation to journey to the city to look after some personal business.

Khemrajie told Stabroek News that she was at work when she was informed of the incident. The woman said that based on what she was told her daughter was standing in the corner when she was hit by the car. This newspaper understands that the driver of the car which was heading to Berbice was overtaking vehicles when he slammed into the woman.

“He just drive off. Accidents do happen and he coulda stop and help her. He shoulda stop and help bring her to the hospital,” Khemrajie said sadly, adding that she is praying for her daughter’s speedy recovery.

Khemrajie said that because of the force of the impact her daughter landed in a nearby trench and two young men who were nearby rushed to her assistance. Persons in the area immediately contacted Persaud’s brother who arrived on the scene on found her lying on the roadway covered in mud. She was unconscious.
Police are continuing investigations into the matter.

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