Garbage truck breakdown delaying collection

The Mayor and City Council said garbage collection from East, North and South Ruimveldt has been delayed due to mechanical problems with the trucks at one of its service providers.

In a press release the City Council said the company has given assurances that the situation will be rectified within three days. “It is anticipated that those who are affected will have their garbage collected by Sunday, October 16,” it said.

At the same time, the Council said the in-house collection working in group eight is on a “sit-in”, as a result no refuse will be collected from Queenstown, Alberttown, South Cummingsburg, North Cummingsburg, Kingston, Woolford Avenue, Carifesta Avenue and Thomas Lands.

According to the release this action was taken “predicated on a few unsettled work-related issues.” The City Council is hopeful that the situation will be resolved quickly. In the meantime it is urging citizens to desist from illegal dumping.

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