Power outages hit city-wide

There was a total power outage in the capital early yesterday morning, when the installed protective device failed to clear a fault on one of the feeders from the new Kingston power plant, the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) said.

The problem occurred just a day after a lightning strike had caused an outage in the Demerara county and on the heels of outages in Berbice.

The Kingston glitch, which occurred around 3:35am, caused an activation of frequency protection, a shutdown of the station that was supplying most of the generating capacity and led to a total power outage.

GPL said power was successfully restored to all circuits by 5:15am and adjustments were made to ensure better isolation of the generation station from localised faults.

GPL noted that on Wednesday lightning negatively affected both transmission lines linking its Garden of Eden and Sophia plants, affecting the complete 50Hz system on Wednesday, and even consumers within the 60Hz system.

Meanwhile, GPL said that outages experienced in Berbice from last Saturday to Monday are the result of vegetation growth on the transmission lines.

It added that a burnt jumper on the transmission line linking Skeldon and Canefield would have led to an outage on Tuesday.

It noted that the incident has occurred even as contractors were working towards clearing the vegetation on the transmission lines and feeders in the Berbice system, so as to restore a corridor for the lines.

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