PPP/C says Victoria meeting disrupted

The PPP/C last night said that its meeting at Victoria, East Coast Demerraa yesterday afternoon was disrupted by supporters of the APNU.

Stabroek News was unable to elicit a comment from the APNU last night.

In a press release, the PPP/C said that the voices of its speakers were drowned out by persons professing support for the APNU. The APNU supporters, it said, carried placards and posters in support of the grouping headed by David Granger.

The party said that derogatory remarks were hurled at PPP/C speakers Anil Nandlall and Joseph Hamilton. The release said that neither of the two was able to be heard above the noise caused by the APNU supporters. The release said both Nandlall and Hamilton had to be escorted out of the village.

Missiles were also hurled at the podium, the party said and the police had to intervene.

A PPP/C meeting in Buxton earlier this month also attracted boisterous APNU supporters.

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