Suriname public works adviser sacked over bribe

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Kenneth Sloote, district coordinator and policy adviser of the Ministry of Public Works (OW), was relieved of his duties earlier this week. In the meantime, he has been made available to the President. No reason for the dismissal was given. The paper has learned that the high official has fallen from favour because he allegedly tried to obtain a bribe from a civil engineering company. OW Minister Ramon Abrahams does not want to comment on this matter. The paper has learned from well-informed sources at OW that the abovementioned company was in the running to obtain a government contract. However, Sloote allegedly demanded a sum of millions of Surinamese dollars from the company to definitely get the contract. He did not know, however, that the company is part of a holding in which a prominent NDP member is a major shareholder. The NDP member was informed of Sloote’s demands and this matter was reported to President Desi Bouterse. The President reportedly ordered the immediate dismissal of Sloote. Attempts by DWT’s reporters to contact OW’s Permanent Secretary Roland King to obtain more information were fruitless, while Sloote too could not be reached for comment.

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