No.48 rice farmer charged with murdering wife

A 70-year-old rice farmer of No. 48 Village, Corentyne, accused of murdering his reputed wife was remanded to prison when he appeared before Magistrate Krishndat Persaud at the No. 51 Court yesterday.

It is alleged that on October 14, Chinta Persaud called ‘Roy’ murdered 39-year-old Hansranee ‘Sharda’ Sewdat. He was not required to plead to the indictable offence.

Chinta Persaud was remanded until December 21 when the case comes up again. Attorney, Joey Poonai represented Chinta Persaud on behalf of his counsel, Mursaline Bacchus.

Sewdat, a housewife, was found dead on the floor of her Number 48 Village around 3 pm with her throat slit and a pair of women’s tights was wrapped around her neck.

Hansranee Sewdat

Relatives had said that the blood was cleaned up from the scene and that there were no signs of forced entry or that the place was ransacked.
Persaud had reportedly left his nine-year-old daughter with workers at his rice field located at Number 46 Village.
He returned about three hours later with food and drink for the child.

Reports are that he then left with the child for his rice fields at Black Bush Polder.
It was when they returned home that the child made the startling discovery.

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