Suriname police to use text messages for effective hunt of criminals

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – The Suriname Police Force (KPS) wants to put up a text message system to effectively hunt down criminals. Several partners have been asked to surrender their mobile telephone number, allowing the police to spread data on apprehending criminals to a larger group, dWT learns from acting Chief of Police Humphey Tjin Liep Shie. Tjin Liep Shie expects the project to be launched within two weeks, although official approval is pending. The Police Chief says preparations are almost completed, and points out that the mobile numbers of police officers, specially qualified individuals, private security companies, the media and other partners will be included in a special file in order to receive text messages from the police. The partners will have an open line to the police allowing their data to be used for hunting down criminals. In phase two the police will use the system to send preventive information to its partners. Tjin Liep Shie says the project had been announced by the former Chief of Police, and that finally the system can be introduced.


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