Armed robbery, firearm accused get second chances as charges dismissed

A man charged with robbery with aggravation had the charge dropped yesterday after the virtual complainant (VC) informed the court that he did not want to pursue the matter against Ray Payne, who was charged with robbery with aggravation.

The VC, Nicholas Khan, appeared with his father, Mark Khan, who told the court that everyone deserved a second chance so the accused was getting the opportunity to live a productive life.

“I have children and even though it is wrong with what the man did everybody still deserves a fair chance,” the father said.

He also mentioned that Christmas is a time of love and giving so he was giving the man the opportunity to spend a Happy Christmas with his family.

It was alleged that on June 6 at Sophia, Payne robbed the VC of one Nokia cellular phone valued $30,000. The man was behind bars for six months.

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharrry dismissed other charges of robbery under arms and unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition because the VCs and witnesses repeatedly failed to attend court.

According to the police, the witnesses were absent despite being summoned. The magistrate after dismissing the charges warned the men not to return before her for any unlawful act.

Kevin James also called ‘Truck Face’ was charged with robbery under arms. It is alleged that on May 6 at Georgetown while being armed with a knife James robbed Wesley Garnette of one cellular phone and other items valued $32,500 in total. James was imprisoned for over six months and he made seven court appearances.

Colwin Mercurius, called Booker, was charged with the unlawful possession of one .380 Berreta pistol along with six matching rounds of ammunition.

It was alleged that the man who resides at Lot 23 East La Penitence had the firearm and ammunition in his possession when he was not the holder of a firearm licence. Mercurius appeared in court on five occasions in relation to this matter. The family of the 20–year-old wept for joy while they praised God after the case was dismissed.

“God is good, thank God” one of his family members said. Mercurius would not only be home for Christmas but also his 21st birthday, which would be celebrated on December 23, this newspaper was told.

Ryon Hescott, who made ten appearances in court, was charged with the offence of robbery under arms. It was alleged that on April 1, the man while being armed with a gun robbed Godfrey Scipio of one gold chain along with other items valued $385,000 in total.

The accused pleaded not guilty after the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) was applied. “Thanks, Your Worship” the man said after he was told by the magistrate, “You are free to go.”

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