APNU youth to stick by selective boycott of businesses

The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) yesterday said it would continue to lobby supporters to boycott businesses that are working against the interests of the people.

YCT has been responsible for pickets in front of the Duke Lodge business premises of Gerry Gouveia, and at a news conference hosted at City Hall yesterday, YCT member Ryan Belle spoke of an article carried in the Guyana Times on December 18, 2011, in which Gouveia warned the Kaieteur News owner that newspapers are supported by the business sector, with regards to advertising. If negative reporting is seen, Belle reiterated, advertisements received would significantly reduce. He, however, stated that it is the “ordinary Guyanese” who are the consumers that make businesses progress.

“When we suspect that those we enrich are colluding to conspire against us, we will utilize the power of our purse to deal with them, as such, their sales might be curtailed and their revenues reduced significantly,” Belle stated.

Another YCT member, Ganesh Mahipaul, added that the group would continue to seek the resignation of Police Commissioner Henry Greene.

He made further reference to the sexual abuse allegation made against Greene by a woman and stated they believe that his proceeding on leave to facilitate an impartial investigation is the first step leading in the direction of a resignation.

YCT member Nia Phill indicated that the group will also not let up on the call for the resignations of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission Dr Steve Surujbally and the Chief Election Officer Gocool Boodoo.

She noted that the general elections were conducted in an “alarmingly unsatisfactory manner” and the YCT was aware of unwarranted instances sufficient enough to call into question the entire election process.

Clayon Halley, meanwhile, made reference to reports the YCT has received of some private security firms paying employees as little as $100 an hour.

“We wish to place those employers on notice and request that they address the needs of the hard working citizens of this country. We also urge them to observe the labour laws fully,” the YCT member said.

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