Jamaica police inspector caught with 150 lbs of ganja

(Jamaica Observer) A police inspector assigned to a Corporate Area Police Division was on Saturday nabbed by members of the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) with more than 100 lbs of ganja.

According to a news release from the police force issued a short while ago, the inspector, who has more than 12 years’ service in the constabulary, was heading towards Kingston when the vehicle he was driving was intercepted on the Mandela Highway and searched by members of the ACB.

“Three carton boxes and a knapsack filled with compressed ganja wrapped in masking tape with an estimated weight of over one hundred and fifty pounds (150 lbs) was discovered in the trunk of his vehicle,” the police news release said.

“He is presently in custody awaiting the completion of the case file and a ruling from the Director of Public Prosecutions,” the police said.

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