Obama and the youth will give the world new meaning

Dear Editor,

Where is al Qaeda? Only in the mind of Gaddafi who is trying to blame the uprisings in Libya on Islamic fundamentalism, when the facts are that the people of the Middle East are rebelling for democracy and demanding a new era of information and information technology which is available in true democratic countries, especially the United States. There is no country in the world where information and its technology is so available as in the USA. It is available and wide-ranging giving access to the rich or the poor, the political right or the left, the educated or the less educated and those in power or those in opposition. A real democracy gives free access to all views and opinions.  Let this government take heed: limiting and censoring information to the people of this country by limiting private enterprise media and denying access by private enterprise to radio waves is immoral, against the peoples’ interest and downright stupid. The dictators in the Arab world who are now fleeing or fighting serious rearguard actions all curtailed and censored the information network, and hence, democracy itself.

Editor, when I saw President Obama bound up the stairs and advance to the rostrum from which he spoke on Libya and the Arab world the other night (March 28), I knew that we have a leader of great importance for the future of our planet. His speech showed vigour, vitality and a practical vision for the reality on the ground in the troubled areas of the Middle East, and his actions sparkle with patience, pragmatism and a forcefulness which marks him as a great leader. People can say whatever they want about America, but they will be silenced by President Obama’s new directions and skills in making sure that the USA stays number one with his youthful vision for a peaceful world; his contribution and dedication to restructuring capitalism, the only viable economic system since the nexus of the industrial revolution and mercantilism; his firmness with tyranny and autocracy; his readiness to come to the aid of any nation in distress from natural disaster; and, Editor, his obvious calm in the eye of any storm. President Obama is America at its best, and the resilience, strength and durability of the US economy will rebound, with command of the information technology worldwide net which secures US influence, strengthens the US economy and rallies the democratic forces all over our planet.

The new young leaders  of the leading capitalist countries like Cameron of Britain, Sarkozy of France and Obama of America have new ideas and visions of a new and re-vitalized free enterprise system  – all based on more information and its technology, not only to generate more wealth and a better standard of living for all, but also to strengthen the arms of democracy. Editor, the reason that we see no demonstrations and disturbances in Qatar, which is dead centre in the Arab world, is because the leaders there have given their people full access to more information than any other Arab country, and in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is located Al Jazeera, the news network which gives information, analyses and valuable viewpoints, not only to the people of Qatar and the region, but to the whole world.

Editor, since President Obama has taken office, look at the changes and developments on the world stage. God acts in mysterious ways and in the area known as the cradle of civilization where Pharaohs and ancient Kings ruled 4,000 years ago and where, in the 12th century, the great Muslim king, Saladin united all the Arabs and battled Richard the Lionheart for the heart of hearts, Jerusalem, and won; the modern leaders decided that corruption was more important than service and they took bribes for breakfast, laundering (money) for lunch and dollars for dinner which led to revolt and revolution. Editor, the die is cast and the youth from the cradle of civilization, with Obama behind them, will give the world new meaning.

Yours faithfully,
Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr)