We should respect the views others express in the newspapers

Dear Editor,

It is evident when reading newspaper articles that the time taken for someone to express themselves about an issue is not given any respect or consideration by readers who rebut. We need to learn to respect each other’s views and take what the buffet table offers us. When attending a public policy workshop a few weeks ago funded by USAID, the professor from Vermont said that when someone writes an article or a letter in a newspaper, that is the person’s view or open opinion about something, and shouldn’t be contradicted. It could even be constructive criticism, so persons should bear this in mind the next time they plan to rebuke a writer about their knowledge and artistic style in a newspaper.

When a person writes a letter in a newspaper, intelligent people would know that this is just someone’s perspective on a situation or someone, and it is up to them to take it or leave it. They do not have to retaliate by attacking the person non-stop via the media; only if the statement is true would it offend them. I could recall being attacked non-stop after trying to prove a valid point about access to government funds instead of building unnecessary structures. The rebuttal I received was to be painted non-stop as “ungrateful,” a “hypocrite,” etc. The limitation on freedom of expression is not being allowed to use a person’s name without their permission, while calling people names is prohibited. If anyone does so they are crossing the line. I thought the bourgeoisie knew better.

The typical people whom we deal with nowadays are truly unbelievable, meaning they don’t consider the other party and what that individual is going through, and they start contradicting someone’s originality. When someone writes they take time off their busy schedule not to inform the public about some propaganda, but about perspectives on target situations and how to tackle them in the best possible way, as I do myself. Some writers are so clueless about what to do about a problem that they write about it to try  and obtain some sort of informative response. Great writers such as Freddie Kissoon, Stella Ramsaroop, Prem Misir, and others who don’t have a column but write worthy words in the editorial section, shouldn’t be condemned but congratulated for their courage in unfolding the hidden truth that has to be dug up so people can really know what’s going on, what happened in the past and what is the likely aftermath of a critical situation.

I do hope the next time someone tries to judge someone on the message they are trying their best to convey, they will do so with integrity, respect, and consideration by saving what they want to say for themselves. If you speak out, you shouldn’t be scorned but applauded for your bravery.

Yours faithfully,
Ebony Narpatty (Brijbassi)

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