Probing produced results in Region 9

Dear Editor,

There is a saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. The sooner many of us remember that, the better Guyana will be. I make this remark because, apparently, my recent interventions in the press have spurred an otherwise lackadaisical administration in Region 9 into action.

I was reliably informed that a staff meeting was held recently which was charged by the powers of the Regional Executive Officer. This power enabled him to find funds.

The meeting began with accusations against persons unknown of leaking out information. The REO told the staff to speak up if they have issues.

When some staff members tried to explain the difficulties their respective departments were having, they were told, “We have monies to fix that”; “That is in the budget”; and “That is no problem.”

The problem I have here is that all the unpleasantries could have been avoided if the officers were performing, and performing in the best interest of the public. One thing the REO needs to understand is that the information that he is so zealously guarding does not belong to him, it belongs to the public. If he wants information to be kept secret then he is in the wrong profession.

Maybe he should consider taking up a post with the CIA.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the meeting has surely vindicated me, and I will keep probing until I am satisfied that the people are best served.

Yours faithfully,
Carl Parker

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