Not enough buses on the BV run in the afternoon

Dear Editor,

There is a lot of confusion at the BV bus park at around 4pm for passengers to get transportation home. The problem is there are no buses. I sometimes have to wait for two and more hours before I get a bus.

If a bus happens to reach the park there is this big rush to get in, and lots of people get robbed of their cellphones and money. I was told that people would go as far as North Road to join the buses, which are filled before they reach the park.

As a result there is no need for the buses to come to the park, and they turn around and go back. One bus driver told me that he does not work the whole day, because as soon as his “money reach,” which is usually after half a day, he stops working. I can only speak for the BV park; I don’t know if this is happening at the other parks.

The government needs to examine this situation and put about two buses on in the afternoon to help out.

When I have to wait over two hours at the park I am tired when I get home, and I have to cook and wash and the water cuts off at 7pm. Kindly bring this to the attention of the relevant authority so that corrective action can be taken.

Yours faithfully,
J Kadaru

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