Road signs should be restored

Dear Editor,

The recent move by the President and the Home Affairs Minister to reach youth and drivers in Guyana to deal with the ever increasing traffic problem is a welcome move, but has me thinking if it’s an election gimmick or if they are really serious.

It seems to me that road accidents take more lives than execution-style killings in Guyana, although people don’t seem to take them seriously and government doesn’t seem bothered unless there is big public outcry. There are a lot of traffic issues which could be dealt with and could help avoid accidents, and there are some preventative measures which could be undertaken supported by government, but sadly, these have not materialized.

Drivers in Guyana could be heard complaining about vehicles not stopping at a junction or they blame one another when an accident happens. Throughout this country for a long time now all signs showing one-ways, where to overtake, speed limits, etc, have ceased to exist and no one talks of restoring them. I strongly believe that if these signs were there, accidents could be greatly reduced.

Finally, Editor, I wholeheartedly support Mr Sunil Singh’s letter ‘The issuing of drivers’ licences should be removed from the purview of the police‘ in Stabroek News of August 23, because again I believe that we are not getting service from the Guyana Police Force; the evidence is only of corruption and victimization.

It seems also as if they have too many issues to deal with that cause our roadways to become killing fields for reckless and unqualified drivers who obtain their licences by questionable means.

Yours faithfully,
Sahadeo Bates

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