I will be in the trenches of Region 10 working for the liberation of the Guyanese people

Dear Editor,
The many I have spoken to recently have intimated to me that the factors of fear, threats and bribery may be responsible for such an unfortunate outcome.

Many have expressed their suspicions that some key community leaders and local politicians in Region 10 may have been compromised.  Their silence and inactivity deliberate since they too are beneficiaries from the coffers of the oppressors of the Guyanese people.  What is unquestionable, however, is the poverty stricken state in which approximately 95 percent of the people live.

There are horrendous stories of school children as young as 12 and 13 being sexually abused by businessmen who are supporters of President Jagdeo’s regime. This is an open secret.  The destitute parents of those children are forced to accept a pittance to keep quiet, because they know fully well that there will be no recourse to justice if pursued.  They are afraid of what could happen to them if they speak out.

It is against this backdrop and the other horrific stories reaching us in the Diaspora that I have taken a conscious and deliberate decision to make the journey to the gutters and trenches of Linden and Region 10.  I am dedicating my time, energy and meagre resources to see change come 2012. Come 2011 9 30, I shall be on Guyana soil actively working to see change.  There will be daily updates, through video recordings, photographs and written reports etc, for our people and friends of our people worldwide to see.

As I leave my loved ones and friends and the safety of my secure environs. I am fully aware of the dangers that lie ahead.  I shall not be cowed. To the many politicians on our opposition benches who have challenged me to not only stay from afar and express views in representation of our people at home, I say to you, “I am making my sacrifices as I have done before.

I am walking the good walk and I am prepared to pay the price, any price to the see the liberation of the Guyanese people.  But I warn you, that I will expose everyone of you who have compromised and are betraying the struggle for personal aggrandisement.”
Yours faithfully,
Norman Browne

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