No attempt to discuss achievements and plans at the Albion rally

Dear Editor,

I felt a great sense of despair and hopelessness as I looked at the PPP/C campaign launch at Albion on television. This rally provided the nation with an opportunity to hear how this party intends to govern this country if they are re-elected.

All the speakers heaped praise upon the government without justifying their statements; the President told the congregation to compare the modernization of the country to twenty years ago, and when it was the presidential hopeful Mr Donald Ramotar’s turn he gave the impression that infrastructural works and giving handouts, eg, laptops will be his priorities if he wins.

None of the speakers attempted to discuss achievements and plans to deal with crime, security for the people, jobs for the thousands of university and school graduates every year and the over-taxation of the working class that has resulted in them experiencing poverty and a low standard of living.

These problems have continued to affect the real development of this country and this government seems to have no clue as to how to solve them.

The late great Cheddi Jagan always emphasised that development without a human face is a waste of time, and this has been happening in this country for the past twelve years or so.

This government uses statistics to give their supporters a false sense of well-being. It is time that Guyanese put quality in front of quantity when they assess how the government performs. The crowd at Albion applauded when the Skeldon Factory, the Amaila Falls Hydro Project and the LCDS were mentioned, although these projects are failures to date.

On a positive note I have observed that at a PPP/C meeting held recently at Diamond there were about two dozen persons in attendance, and the Albion Rally had residents from as far as Industry and Ogle on the East Coast, and the crowd count was about half the amount of previous rallies there. It seems like fewer Guyanese are being fooled now than in the past.

Yours faithfully,
R M Khan                                                                            

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