Old people should not be employed as security guards

Dear Editor,
I was very surprised to read that an old man like Mr Adolphus James who was 91, was employed as a security guard. The government should hold an inquiry into how many old men are employed in security work, what is their salary per week or per month, and if they are exploited and paid little or nothing because of their age, I know it would have shocked many people to read about a murdered 91-year-old security guard.

The old man should have been in his bed sleeping. I don’t believe any security agency or other company should employ someone over 65 years of age, and if they are employed they should not be put to work at night.

The old age pension cannot maintain people, which is why so many have to seek extra work. $7,500 per month at $250 per day can hardly buy one meal, much less three meals. I hope whoever wins the coming election would raise old age pension to 10,000 per month.

Yours faithfully,
Bramdeow Singh

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