ACDA is waging its struggle to give real meaning to the UN International Year for people of African descent

Dear Editor,

Since Dr Roger Luncheon, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, made his revelation that the regime has for some time been considering charging me for sedition and my file has being sent to the DPP for consideration, many Guyanese, locally and from abroad, have called me to express their concerns for my physical security. Mr. Luncheon had made the government’s intentions public at his weekly press conference on Thursday, October 20, 2011. At a personal level, I want to say that I am not at all surprised by Luncheon’s statement.

More important than my pending arrest, is an understanding of the politics and timing behind the regime’s new round of threats. It is more than obvious that the regime’s primary intention is to drive fear in both the African political and cultural leadership and the political opposition.

It seems that some of their preferred options in 2011 are via the imposition of sedition and treason charges and the vicious and vile resort to threatening, intimidating and victimizing Guyanese to keep them in line. This is characterized and demonstrated by the wicked political witch hunt taking place at UG.

It is clear that as the election date draws closer the rulers are panicking. They are faced with a grim and frightening political scenario i.e. the prospect of a possible defeat in these elections. Or, alternatively, an election result which is so close, with the PPP/C and APNU running neck to neck that it raises what is an unacceptable option for them – the need to negotiate a political settlement, which reduces their hold on power. While that approach is the only sensible way forward for the country, it forces the PPP/C, whose only consideration, is absolute power for themselves at all cost, to work to orchestrate a negative political climate which that party’s leaders hope to benefit from.  To understand the PPP/C’s present difficulties in these elections we have to bear in mind that for the first time in its long history, the PPP/C is contesting the elections without the Jagans around to lead the pack. This places those in the leadership of that party in unchartered waters.  Added to this the party is now more divided than at other any time in its recent history. Many important and influential leaders and activists are not campaigning for the party in these elections and their absence is showing up the party’s weaknesses at public meetings and rallies.

PNCR leader Mr. Robert Corbin‘s decision to place the interest of Guyana first by declaring  zero interest in the presidential candidacy of his own party, must be seen for what it is – a  “political master stroke” worthy of the highest commendation and applause. By preferring instead to work resolutely in conjunction with other founding political leaders of the JOPP (NFA, GAP and the WPA) for ultimately, the development of a broad-based coalition to contest the elections under the banner of the APNU with Retired Brigadier David Granger as its Presidential Candidate , Dr Rupert Roopnaraine as its Prime Ministerial Candidate and a highly skilled and specialised team that is committed to work to turn around the lives of Guyanese, Corbin has demonstrated patriotism of the highest order. In spite of what the PPP/C Leaders say and pretend, this political development has shattered the rulers’ confidence of winning. Faced with this new reality they are in shambles. In their present mindset they have chosen to walk down the road of political repression.

In relation to Luncheon’s threats, I wish to unambiguously state that my position as enunciated at ACDA’s public meetings is most unsettling to the rulers.  ACDA’s political committee has outlined a political approach to elections viz: – the constitutional struggle for shared governance and the UN International Year for People’s of People of African descent. ACDA recognizes that these issues are inextricably linked and has therefore promoted combining the elections,  the fight for shared governance, with the creative use of the UN mandate in this International year for Africans. ACDA’s campaign has united the African community and the nation for a struggle for a National Unity Government that is committed to end the winner take all governance system which has destroyed our nation and negatively affected the lives of all Guyanese.

ACDA is waging its struggle to give real meaning to the UN International Year and its resolution, which calls on governments where Africans live to take measures to end our social, economical and political marginalization. In Guyana, given the present balance of forces, social and political, this can be achieved in a post election struggle. Guyana needs a change in the governance system; the country can only go forward to real progress with a National Unity Government, committed to shared governance and national reconciliation. This must be a national goal coming out of these elections – whichever party wins.  If this amounts to sedition then I plead guilty even before I am charged.  The future of our country and people is more important than the machinations of greedy and petty rulers. That is my case.

Yours faithfully,
Tacuma Ogunseye

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