The PPP suffered because Janet sidelined the good cadres

Dear Editor,
During the heat of the campaign when we were speculating about the margin the PPP would win by, some people said the PPP would get no less than 60% of the votes. When I asked a friend for his opinion he said that the law provided for the party with the most votes to get the presidency and form the government, so the PPP would get the presidency but would not get an overall majority. When pressed further the friend said he saw the PPP getting around 48 or 49% of the vote. Two fellows at the site said my friend was crazy; seeing the massive turn-out at their rally wouldn’t the PPP  get even 50%? A third man remarked: “You mad,” and he in turn replied, “Well, you asked for my opinion.” Later when the results were declared I asked my friend how he was so certain, and he said, I wanted the PPP to win outright [but] still I kept my ears to the ground.” As for me, Editor, I am hurt. You see I walked with Cheddi when the PPP was in its infancy; I helped distribute Thunder. Cheddi loved people and he was principled and progressive; he was not rude or arrogant or a ‘cuss-down’ type. He built his party with love and respect. However, the PPP suffered because Janet sidelined the good cadres and promoted the ‘cus-down’ type. It is as simple as that.

Yours faithfully
(Name and address provided)

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