Diamond: Competing for the title Garbage City?

Dear Editor,

It is interesting that Mr Raul Khan, a resident of Diamond Housing Scheme, wrote in very condescending terms about the garbage pile-up in his area.

I am a resident of Block X Great Diamond. Prior to the transfer of the administration of this scheme to the present arrangement, garbage was collected without fail every Tuesday by the NDC of Grove-Diamond for a monthly fee of two-hundred dollars.

The much touted intention of elevating this community to township carries with it certain characteristics. We already boast of three commercial banks, a modern fuel station, food court, supermarket, shopping malls, well-stocked hardware stores, furniture and general stores and all other infrastructure that are necessary for any town.

Sadly lacking is garbage pileup and stinking heaps at every street corner, parapet and other open space, à la Georgetown. It is to the credit of the administration of this community that they are working feverishly to achieve this important feature of a ‘good’ town before declaring the elevation.

Bouquets to them for their foresight and efficient planning to have us ranking with or even surpassing the capital city for the description of Garbage City.

Yours faithfully,
R Mahadeo

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