Uncouth Guyanese passenger in first class let down the team

Dear Editor,

As Guyanese are wont to say, some people “test your faith.”  And so it was on Caribbean Airlines Flight 601 on Saturday (December 10) from Toronto. It is clear that not all people who buy first class or business class tickets either have any class or have any business in first class.

It must have been particularly perplexing for the purser and other flight attendants on that BW 601 flight. Here was this gentleman, if we can call him that, pompously dressed in purple, the colour of royalty, who marched into his first class seat and immediately barked an order to the flight attendants, “Ah wanna drink.” Well when you are seated in the first row in first class, it must be “upper first,” so this man felt he had this power to order people around, no matter how uncouth he was.

His behaviour must have jarred the nerves of the attendants, who have patience and long suffering as their watchwords, but it was more than disturbing to the other passengers in the cabin and those close to the bulkhead seats.

No wonder some Guyanese get such a bad name; this man’s behaviour was particularly bad, nay, uncouth, gross, crass and downright reprehensible. Lord, he was overbearing, at one stage another passenger in the cabin was so fed up with him that she mumbled, “Could he just shut up”…she politely left out the “Fine” expletive, after all it was “First” Class.

This man’s behaviour continued for close to five hours; he made loud demands for alcohol, he was bad-mouthing the Caribbean Airlines Service, he instructed passengers not to deplane when they get to Trinidad, if they were told to do so, among other rants.

Only Solomon in all of his wisdom could deal with such a personality. The CAL in-flight staff maintained their calm and professionalism and thank God, the pilot came out and finally spoke to him upon landing at Piarco, this is after security briefed him.

Some Guyanese people let down the team, try your faith and really underscore that money does not buy class, but it could get you vodka before and after boarding!

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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