There is something magical about Christmas

Dear Editor,

There is something magical about Xmas, as it seems to transcend all boundaries, viz, religion, ethnicity and I would dare add political disunity, if only for a time.

But there is a melancholy side to Xmas which we either forget or have not experienced. Let us not forget the empty chairs at the dining table which reflect folks deceased, abroad or who have transferred their residence to the old peoples’ homes, sometimes because they have been abandoned or sometimes out of choice. And for those who live on the streets, may we be charitable to their outstretched hands.

What is it that binds us together with such a happy feeling? Is it the commercial consumer marketing? Or is Jesus the real reason for the season? Whatever it is that transforms us into such loving human beings, let us pray that the message of hope which is the hallmark of the celebration would not depart with the season, but instead stay in our hearts as we look forward to a new beginning in the future for Guyana.

To the editor-in-chief and staff, a Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year.

And to the nation, may justice and peace reign throughout 2012 and beyond.

Yours faithfully,
V O Patrick

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