Coe confident of trouble-free Games despite riots

LONDON,  (Reuters) – The London riots will not  undermine confidence in the city’s ability to stage a  trouble-free Olympics next year, organising committee chairman  Sebastian Coe said yesterday.

Asked if the violence and looting seen across London since  Saturday would lead to doubts about the capital hosting a safe  Olympics, Coe told Reuters: “I don’t think that for one moment.

“That’s not to remotely minimise the disfiguring scenes that  we’ve witnessed on our TV sets and in the media more generally,”  he said at Wembley Arena. Coe is visiting various Olympic venues with large numbers  of IOC personnel. The schedule included a stop at Wembley Arena  which is staging the world badminton championships this week as  a dry-run for next year’s Games.  “We have had 205 national Olympic committees with    us this week, we have the leadership of the IOC with us and    actually it has been quite important for them to have seen that    while we have had our challenges in London these events have    gone on in an orderly and timely way,” Coe said.With no police presence needed, organisers have been able    to stage the badminton championships at Wembley as planned  though a couple of delegations voiced concern earlier in the  week when the rioting was at its height. Coe said: “I can understand that but I’ve spent a lot of  time with the different national Olympic committees in the last  48 hours and I think they recognise that under very difficult    circumstances we have managed to deliver what we set out to    deliver.”

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