Guyana trounced by Suriname 7-0

By Treiston Joseph in Suriname

Guyana was embarrassed last night in their best of three series football tournament with Suriname at the Inter Guiana Games at the Andre Kamperveen Stadium in Suriname.Their 7-0 defeat was reminiscent of the 11-0 drubbing last year that they suffered at the hands of their neigbouring opponents.

Guyana’s defence was constantly attacked and there was some controversial officiating.   
The game started with Guyana immediately going on the back foot when they went down by three goals in 15 minutes. The first half eventually ended 4-0 for the Guyanese and the break was needed for the boys in green and gold to regroup.

While Guyana came out in the second half with a bit more energy it was short-lived as yet another Surinamese goal flew into the back of Guyana’s net making it 5-1.

Things would only got worse for the local junior team as they pressured themselves more by scoring an own goal making the score line 6-1.

The game was well out of reach by this time as Suriname hammered the nail in the coffin by scoring the final goal just before the final whistle.

Coach Gordon Braithwaite told Stabroek News “I think the controversial officiating caused the boys to be broken in spirit especially the defensive line”.

Guyana will have a chance to redeem themselves today when they take on Suriname again.

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