Greene decision in a few days


In a few days, Guyanese would know the outcome of Henry Greene’s position as Commissioner of Police following the court ruling that he should not be tried in a rape matter against him.

This is according to President Donald Ramotar during a press conference yesterday at the Albion Estate Senior Staff Compound. Pressed for answers, he told reporters that he would not comment further on the issue.

The ruling was made last week in the High Court by Chief Justice Ian Chang after Greene challenged the Director of Public Prosecutions’ advice that he be charged.

Ramotar, accompanied by Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn had earlier visited areas including the East Bank of Berbice (EBB), East and West Canje and Black Bush Polder. They examined roads and also interacted with residents and listened to their concerns.

In his first official visit to Region Six since becoming president, he told the Berbice media that there were complaints about the condition of the EBB road.

He said he and Minister Benn wanted to be acquainted as to the state of the road and to ensure that the people would have quality work which would contribute to further economic development in the region.

Some $90M has been budgeted to rehabilitate the EBB road up to Everton but Benn said “based on the needs” the work may extend to Mara and other farming communities. In that regard, more funds would be required.

There may also be a change in the design to facilitate the heavy-duty vehicles that traverse the area.

The minister acknowledged that there has been a growth in economic activities including a cement bagging facility, a stock-yard for construction material belonging to Nauth Contracting Firm, a fertilizer plant as well as two oil companies exploring.

In terms of the Black Bush Polder road which was slated to be completed two days ago, the work is behind schedule.

President Ramotar said the contractors have asked for the project to be extended to November. He said they are “working very hard to catch up” and that he plans to return before the deadline to examine the work.

In response to a question, minister Benn told reporters that the inclement weather, a change in the design and interruptions during the rice harvesting season contributed to the delay of the BBP road.

The president noted that the roads require the use of double-axle trucks where there would be a better distribution of the weight so as to give longer service.

While he could not comment on the blocked outfall channel that caused flooding to BBP earlier this year, the president acknowledged that “clearing of these outfalls is important.”

He said too that the Drainage & Irrigation department would be installing more pumps at various areas. The pumps are currently being manufactured in the US and India.

In response to what other services his government would be providing to Berbice, he said the economy is growing faster with the Berbice River Bridge and the increased production of bauxite as well as with the Oldendorff Company which transports bauxite.

He pointed out that Oldendorff currently employs 200 persons and that the figure would go up when the company expands. That, he said, would result in a spin-off in the Berbice area.

Ramotar pointed out too that he visited the two oil rigs and is very optimistic that oil would be struck and that it would bring about a major change in the country.

In terms of GuySuCo, he said they are trying to engage some “external technical people to realize the full potential” of the Skeldon factory.

With regards to the constant blackouts in Berbice, the president said the company is still generating power from mechanical engines and heavy fuel which could result in breakdown and failure and would need servicing.

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