T&T senator: I never said media were ‘vultures’

(Trinidad Express) Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds yesterday said he never referred to the media as “vultures”.

Hinds, in a candid interview yesterday, denied ever disrespecting the media by belittling their role but said the ripple effect had taken on a life of its own.

In a telephone interview, Hinds said yesterday, “The word ‘vulture’ did come up, but I believe one of your colleagues asked me whether I was of the view that the media were vultures. Calling you all vultures is disrespectful. When I came across the media crew, unbeknownst to you, I had spoken with Ms Miller and her sister prior. They told me they were being hounded by the media.”

Hinds said “hounded” was Miller’s word, not his.

On Saturday, reporters from the Express and TV6 attempted to visit with Cheryl Miller, the woman who was forcibly removed from her office and admitted to the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital for 15 days.

Co-workers campaigned to have her released, and Hinds was hired as one of her lawyers.

Hinds said there were more serious matters to be addressed with the Miller case than what may or may not have been said. He said no one was talking about Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan speaking out on his client’s mental state.

“Dr Khan is not a psychiatrist, yet he is making pronouncements on her case. That is the more important issue,” Hinds said

“I have great respect for the media and what it does, and I reject any suggestion that I may have disrespected reporters, but the matter is being blown out of proportion,” Hinds said.


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