Bandits rob woman after return from Canada

Just hours after arriving home from Canada, a woman along with her two children were attacked and robbed by three bandits while entering their yard at Meadowbrook Gardens early Saturday morning.

Patricia Went, her daughter, Marcia Smartt and son, Marvin Went were robbed of cash, phones and other items by the men, one of whom was toting a gun. The attack occurred at around 3:15am on Saturday, Smartt told Stabroek News.

Smartt said that they had picked up their mother from the airport and while closing the gate after driving their car into the yard, she noticed three men lurking around. She said that the men came up and one of them, with what appeared to be a handgun in his hand, told her not to make any noise and to hand over everything. The two other men accosted her mother and brother. Smartt said that she handed over her bag containing her phone and keys while the bandit kept looking over her, checking for jewellery.

She said that her mother attempted to flee but one of the men grabbed her and pulled her back. Smartt said that she told her mother not to run. By this time, one of the bandits had ordered her brother back to the car and retrieved his wallet and her mother’s handbag.

The dogs had started barking and Smartt said that she asked the man who was holding her to allow her to go and calm the dogs. She said that he agreed and as she attempted to calm the dogs, her mother rushed by, heading for the back fence, which she scaled and began raising an alarm. “I ran behind her,” Smartt recounted.

She said that when she looked back to see if the men were after her, she did not see anyone. She said that her brother, by this time, began reversing the car out the yard to follow the men. According to Smartt, the men fled on foot then entered a car one corner away. She said that her brother followed the men all the way to Sophia but lost them at ‘C’ Field.

A report was later made to the East La Penitence police station.

Among the items stolen were cash, a Guyana passport- number R0115881, a BlackBerry Curve phone, a digital camera, two national identification cards and a bank card. Smartt, in appealing for the items to be returned, said that should anyone find these items, they should call 226 4139 or 619 0993.

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