Albouystown man was crushed to death in Omai crash – PME

Police investigations have revealed that Ryan Allen, man who perished in an accident at Granny Backdam Trail, Omai, Essequibo River on Wednes-day, was crushed to death after attempting to jump from a toppling truck.

The accident occurred at around 6:30pm on Wednesday.

Allen’s girlfriend, Sherry Edwards told Stabroek News that according to what police told her, Allen, 25, a former resident of 22 Calendar Street, Albouystown, and three other men were travelling in the tray of the truck as it was going up a hill when the accident occurred. Edwards said she was told that to the right of the hill was a wall like structure while a ditch was on the opposite side.

The woman said she learned that while negotiating a turn on the hill, the rear wheel of the truck became lodged in a hole destabilizing the truck and causing it to wobble.

Ryan Allen

She said it was at this moment that Allen jumped from the truck to avoid going down with the vehicle. According to the other men travelling with Allen, they were blacked out by the impact of the fall, but on regaining consciousness realised that Allen was nowhere to be found. “Dey seh that dey start call out fuh he and den is when dey find he pinned down by he face and chest,” she said.

The upper part of Allen’s torso, from his chest, as well as his head, was crushed beneath the weight of the truck.

A police press release stated that Allen had perished after Quacy Valentine, driver of GLL 4502, lost control of the vehicle while navigating the Granny Backdam Trail, causing it to topple. Allen was reportedly pinned by the tray of the truck in the process.

The police report stated that the man was taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Edwards said that a post-mortem examination conducted yesterday morning concluded that Allen died as a result of being crushed beneath the truck.

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