The Caribbean T20 was not available for television broadcast

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond quickly to a letter by Mr Imtiaz Baccus that appeared in your publication of Monday February 20 captioned ‘Why did NCN in Berbice not show cricket?’

First of all Mr Baccus seems to be a confused person raising a number of issues and relating them to the broadcast of cricket by NCN. There are two cricket series he is talking about :

1. The Caribbean T20: NCN had made it quite clear, through its Sports News and programmes and through a press release that television broadcast of this tournament is not available. The rights holders made it quite clear to us that broadcast is only for cable. NCN is not a cable operator. In essence it was beyond our control. What we did though, and it was not recognized, we negotiated for highlights of each match, which were broadcast the next day.
The same situation obtained last year.

2. With regard to the four-day tournament, this was never produced for television either this year or many years before that.
What NCN did, however, was to ensure that there was radio commentary for both tournaments.

I further wish to say to Mr Baccus that this has nothing to do with the party, the government, the President, or Minister Anthony.
It also baffles me sometimes why some newspapers would publish letters of this nature.

Yours faithfully,
Martin Goolsarran

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