Manipulation by the state media

Dear Editor,

The evil of a State Controlled Radio Station was noted by me yesterday. I was listening to Cricket when the news came shortly after.

The newscaster of NCN declared that the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Patricia Chase-Green said that, “the Mayor had lied,” I listened to her voice played, and what she said was the truth, that is, she had informed me of the presentation of the Budget on Thursday, March 15th, 2012.

Let me make it crystal clear, what I said earlier was, I was NOT consulted as to the time when this purported presentation was fixed for, and further, when I was informed on Thursday by Deputy Mayor, Chase-Green, I advised that I already had a previous commitment for that day, which would not have allowed my presence, this is the point that I made in a note to Councillors, Media and concerned citizens:

My regrets and

That  I was not consulted

Any sensible person at NCN ought to know the difference of being informed and being consulted.

It is frightening the way the State Controlled Media is manipulating; if not mutilating the facts and fallacies they put out every day as news.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, J.P.

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