Corporate support building up for bodybuilding competition

Organisers of the 2012 Novices and Intermediate Bodybuilding competition which will be held at the Theater Guild on March 31 continue to receive  corporate support. Last week, Subs and Salads and DeSinco Trading came on board to join Fitness Express, Banks DIH Limited, Hand-in-Hand Group of Companies, Tons of Fun, and Kross Kolour Records.

Receiving the sponsorship from Subs and Salads and De Sinco Trading was treasurer of the GABBFF Jamie Mc Donald who received the donations from the respective companies.

Above left, Treasurer of the GABBFF and owner of Fitness Express, Jamie McDonald, last Thursday receives a sponsorship cheque and hampers under the Axe brand from De Sinco’s Warehouse Supervisor Vibert Gordon. (Orlando Charles photo) And, at right, McDonald receives a sponsorship cheque from Subs and Salads representative Anesa Mohamed on Wednesday.

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