Music and their favourite artistes

What the People Say

This week we asked people about their thoughts on the music industry worldwide and who their favourite artistes were.
Their responses were as follows:

Interviews and photos by Jeanna Pearson and Javone Vickerie

20130121alanteAlante Richards-Digicel employee: `I think the music industry certainly is blooming and people should give these artists a break because they are just using their talents. These people make music for a living but I do admit that it does contribute in some sense to degrading of our society. I personally prefer local music. Lisa Punch is my favourite artist. She is an amazing singer.’

20130121natliaNatalia Basdeo-Sales girl: ‘ really appreciate music especially chutney and Indian music. But some American and dancehall music carry a negative message and it really does affect us, mostly our young people. The younger ones are influenced more and I also think they are targeted more. But I do listen to Dancehall and American music; some of them have positive vibes but I still prefer Ravi B and Chutney.’

20130121godfreyGodfrey Forrester-Cake maker: ‘I personally love dancehall music but back in the days dancehall. Back then there were positive vibes, the music was more for lovers but now when I listen to music I hear the anger, the hatred and it’s upsetting because the youths of today are soaking up it up like gospel and it’s damaging them. Back in the old days we never heard about gangs but we have gangs. Everyday you would hear about Gaza and Gully, and children fighting and cussing. The artists are supposed to be role-models but we don’t have those anymore.’

20130121troyTroy Samaroo-Jeweller: ‘To me different people like different music and that’s all good. We have diversity and that’s what we need. Music is supposed to be positive and add colour to someone’s life but it has gotten worse. The music these days is vulgar and loose. I prefer Bob Marley because he sings reality and it’s positive.’

20130121dennisDennis Roberts-Vendor: ‘The music industry is a good thing. People sing about what’s going on in the world today. They sing about their experiences and we shouldn’t discriminate against them. It’s their job. They have to entertain. I love Mavado because his lyrics are clear and he sends out a positive message in some of his songs.’

20130121dwayneDwayne Dick-Tennis Coach: ‘The concentration is more on the beats now but before the music industry focused a lot on vocals and voicing over beats. Now it’s more instruments. So I think the industry is moving according to the world and what is hot and new.’

20130121robinRobin Mars-Contractor: `What else can I say other than the music industry is nothing but vulgarity. There is nothing in the songs that would educate children. It just makes them ignorant. I am thoroughly against it. I believe that oldies, the old days were best times to raise our children. They weren’t ignorant and indecent as they are now. And that’s because of the music they listen to. There is nothing educational about it. I suggest that they put a ban on all music that promotes violence, sexuality and explicit language on the radio station.’

20130121robsonRobson Davis-Businessman: `The music industry has a lot of influence on our society but what we need to understand is that different people like different things. And the same goes for music. Some people like pop some people like Dancehall. However, I do think that dancehall these days is a little too lawless and it is generating a negative influence on our young people. I’m sticking to my soul and oldies music.’

20130121paulPaul Mc Adam-Editor of the Government Information Agency: `The music industry keeps evolving and that is good. But there are hardly any good singers around. There are performers but few who can actually sing. I like Michael Jackson because he can actually sing without any enhancements.’

20130121latoyaLatoya Nurse-Nurse: `Music nowadays has really improved but the music back in the days had a better understanding of words and affection. I think music nowadays needs to be cleaned up thoroughly.’

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